Bridging Bytes to Bites:
Your Story, Our Mission

At SKU Story, we're more than consultants; we're architects of brand journeys from the digital landscape to the tangible shelf.

CPG Success Requires

A Balancing Act

With experience across Commercial Ingredient Marketing, Traditional Retail CPG Marketing, and Digital D2C Marketing, we understand the unique scaling challenges you're facing.


In the dance of distribution, it's pivotal to synchronize your online presence with physical availability. It's about ensuring your products are as accessible on a digital screen as they are on a retail shelf, creating a seamless path for discovery and purchase.


The trial phase bridges the sensory gap from the first click to the first taste. It's crafting an online experience that's as compelling as the in-store allure, inviting initial engagement and setting the stage for a gratifying product encounter.


Encouraging repurchase is about consistency in quality and experience, online and off. It's a commitment to meet and surpass customer expectations at every touchpoint, building a bridge of loyalty that spans from the digital cart to the checkout line.

Let's Pull The Strings Together

This six-step process is not a one-size-fits-all; it's a bespoke symphony that we'll adapt to your brand's unique rhythm. Let's tune into your needs, harmonize with your goals, and adjust the tempo as needed. Here's how we compose your brand's success story:

Let's Navigate Your Digital Presence to Market Essence

We're here for brands ready to make the leap from bytes to bites, from data to delicacies. When you're prepared to explore a partnership that respects the balance of innovation and tradition, reach out. Let's align on a strategy that speaks to your strengths and sets the table for your brand's growth.
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Joey Brennan of SKU Story

Hi, I'm Joey.

I love climbing mountains, both in business and on weekends. I started SKU Story to help turn promising brands into household names. Leveraging my journey from Pyure Brands to here, we're dedicated to crafting digital storefronts and marketing strategies that bridge the gap to retail success. Let's build your brand together.

Joey Brennan
Director & Founder